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Embark on a magical journey to the icy realms where glaciers swirl, and a new, young voice echoes through the Arctic air. In this enchanting tale, a small and curious voice breaks the silence of the perpetual day, asking the timeless question, “Mama, why is the sky blue?”

Join a wise Arctic mother penguin as she unfolds the epic tale of the universe’s creation. From the birth of oceans bursting through the earth to the celebration of mountains, jungles, deserts, and grassy plains, the story weaves through the formation of the world.

Even the moon and sun find their place in this cosmic dance. As the celestial duo contemplates which colors to paint the infant sky, flora, fauna, land, and air each offer their unique hues. A captivating moment arises when ten thousand butterflies flutter their wings, and millions of cerulean specks fling their brilliance into the canvas of the sky.

Discover the secret behind the sun choosing the radiant bright blue of daylight and the moon embracing the deep navy of night. This age-old lore reveals how the universe, with the collaborative efforts of creatures from low and high, came together to create the wondrous sky.

“To Make the Sky” is a heartwarming journey that answers a child’s curious question while celebrating the beauty of nature and the harmony of the universe.

Illustrated with vibrant artwork by March Mattingly that captures the beauty of the world around us. The text is easy to understand and encourages children to use their imaginations to create their own universe. “To Make the Sky” is a creative story that children will enjoy reading again and again.

“To Make the Sky” is a perfect bedtime story for curious children of all ages.